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Every coach at Inter Orlando Academy is Professionally qualified and licensed. 

All of our staff bring their own experiences to the program, whether that is their knowledge from playing in the Professional leagues, or coaching at the highest level.

All training sessions are planned by the staff to maximize the growth and development of the players.

Our players will not only be able to receive the on-field coaching, but they will also be exposed to the off-field coaching such as Video Analysis, Strength Training, Conditioning/Speed Training, Nutritional Guidance, and much more.


Players on the Pro Academy will receive training opportunities with Professional coaches from the variety of clubs that Inter Orlando Academy has partnered with.

In the summer of 2019, Inter Orlando players were able to experience training from numerous coaches from clubs from the English Premier League to Major League Soccer.

All players will receive the opportunities to be scouted and invited to trials at the Professional clubs.


The main focus of our Pro Academy is to get players to the Professional level. In our opinion, the only way we can evaluate players' performances to see if they are ready for the Professional level is to compete with teams at that respective Professional level.

Throughout the year, our Pro Academy 1st Team will play a variety of matches against Professional opposition. These games will be used as 'Trial Matches' for our players to impress the respective club Coaches & Scouts.

Should a player stand out in these matches and be invited to attend a trial with the club, our staff will encourage the Academy player to attend with the Professional team.


Through our partnership with CORA Physical Therapy, our players will be able to receive professional medical care in order to speed up their recovery from injuries and get them back on the pitch faster and healthier.

Inter Orlando Academy players will receive fast track support from CORA medical professionals and will have access to a variety of locations across the country. 

This relationship with CORA has proved to be extremely beneficial as players are able to access the correct rehabilitation programs needed for their specific injuries in order to shorten the amount of time they spend off the pitch.


All players on the Pro Academy 1st Team will have the option to be represented by Inter Sports Management (ISM).

ISM are qualified intermediaries that have connections with clubs across the globe based in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The ISM Staff will create and manage each client's professional profiles in order to maximize the client's chances of receiving a Professional contract.


ISM will handle all aspects for the client such as Player Representation, Contract Negotiations, Marketing, and more. 

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