What is the Professional Academy?


The mission of the Professional Academy will be to Select, Prepare and Showcase a group of highly skilled and passionate players in order to secure them a Professional Contract.

Goals of the Academy

The goal for the Academy is to provide a Professional Training environment for Soccer players between the ages of 16-24 years old in order to help them achieve their dreams of earning a Professional Soccer Contract.


We hope to achieve these goals by providing our Academy players with the most Professional Training environment, playing opportunities against Professional Teams where the players can be scouted, and through our unique player profiling and marketing strategies in order to enhance exposure to Professional Clubs around the world.

Why are we unique?

The Professional Academy is a very unique program that stands alone. This program is specifically designed to produce Professional Soccer Players. Through our extensive network of Professional Soccer contacts from around the World, we have been able to develop the players technical and tactical skills on a daily basis as well as creating a program that maximizes player exposure to Professional Clubs.


By having a variety of different packages available, Players can choose the best option to suit their own personal goals.

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