The purpose of the Professional Academy will be to Identify, Develop and Promote a group of highly skilled and passionate players to Professional programs around the world with the intention of getting them scouted and receive a Professional Contract from a Club.

We realize that each player has different needs and goals that they want to achieve, therefore we have designed our Academy programs around the needs of the players. We offer various programs to aid the development of each individual.

Why are we unique?

The Professional Academy is a very unique program that resembles the day to day training of what a player would experience at a Professional Academy around the world.


This program is specifically designed to produce Professional Soccer Players.


Through our extensive network of Professional Soccer contacts from around the World, we have been able to develop the players' technical and tactical skills on a daily basis as well as creating a program that maximizes player exposure to Professional Clubs.

All of our coaches are Professionally licensed and have either played or coached at the Professional level in their previous careers, so their experiences and knowledge of what it takes to reach the next level are passed down to all of the players in this program.


How do we do it?

Throughout the year, Inter Orlando Academy hosts a series of trial events.


Athletes that attend these trial events are tested through a series of Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological exercises. 

Each athlete is evaluated and then determined for selection by our team of qualified coaches and scouts.

The players that are selected are then placed on a vigorous 6-8 week training program, where they will train daily, following a strict program specifically designed for each individual to maximize their chances of success. 

The selected group will get the opportunity to participate matches against Professional clubs and other elite competitions around the world in an attempt to showcase their talents and earn a professional contract

What's the difference?