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Training from the comfort of your home!

Saying that 2020 has been a different and challenging year is an understatement. In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak and its subsequent lockdown, most of us had to adapt our routines and goals to this 'new normal,' and even though it is common to lose motivation during this time, we have never been the ones to give up in the face of adversity.

This is why we decided to create different programs to help you stay active during this time without leaving the comfort of your house.

Inter Orlando Academy is offering virtual training sessions to suit your fitness needs, whether you are trying to develop your technical skills, your strength, or simply wanting to achieve your fitness goals.

Imparted by our certified team of professionals on different Zoom sessions that span throughout the week, you can find a virtual program that suits your goals and skills. Our Virtual Training Program includes:

Work Out Wednesday: With no equipment needed, our free 30-minutes-Work Out Wednesday sessions cover a complete full body workout in a fun and interactive way.

Future Stars- Beginner Package: Sessions of 45 minutes designed to target our players between the ages of 2-11 years old, where they will work on ball control, skills, and agility work.

Advanced Class- Development: Sessions designed around ball control, multi-surface use, spatial awareness, coordination, agility, coordination, and utilization of left and right foot. One hour sessions targeted to 12-16 years old.

Professional Development Training: Soccer specific sessions that will increase control with the ball and speed, confidence using both feet, general fitness, and agility. One hour sessions designed for 16+ years old.

Strength Training- Juniors (Beginner Level): Introduction to fitness class designed for 8-12 years old. Two 30-minute sessions per week.

Advanced Class Development: Advanced one-hour fitness class. Offered Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Pro Development: One hour of advanced training for athletes looking to maximize their results.

Soccer Technical Training: One hour sessions designed for beginners.

Soccer Technical Training- Advanced: Designed for Club level players. One hour sessions.

Strength Training- Beginner: Personalized one-hour training with our certified trainers.

Strength Training- Advanced: Personalized one-hour training with our certified trainers.

Strength Training- Pro Level: Personalized one-hour training with our certified trainers.

Youth Virtual Summer Camps: We turned our Summer Camp program into an interactive online camp! This program is designed to help you improve your skills through soccer-specific games and challenges.

Player Session: Training sessions available exclusively for Inter Orlando Academy players.

You can book a session on our website and, for more information, you can email us at admin@interorlandofc.com or give us a call at (407) 401-0754.

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