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Spotlight Saturdays: Jordan Schwartz

When Jordan Schwartz was only five years old, someone at the beach aimed the ball toward him. Then, he started kicking it and refused to return it. After that, there was no turning back.

"I think that's when my parents realized 'hey, you might like this' and got me into leagues to start playing," Schwartz said. "I loved it from there and have loved it ever since."

Now, 20 years later, he said that it's that same love for the game that keeps him motivated to keep playing until he is no longer able to. Schwartz also said that when he's playing, he feels like he's exactly where he belongs.

"I'm getting to that age where it's almost time to hang up the boots so I kind of always feel like I should be on the field," Schwartz said. "[I feel] like I should be playing. It just feels right, like it's what I should be doing."

Which is one of the reasons why tearing his ACL was really tough. The injury kept the center-mid away from the games for almost nine months, while he was recovering both physically and mentally. Schwartz said that this was his first major injury.

"When you get an injury like that, 95% is the mental part of it and the other 5% is getting your life and your strength and fitness back," he said. "Being away for seven months definitely takes a toll on your fitness."

But the injury also brought one of his favorite memories from the three seasons that he played with Inter Orlando. He said that on one of the first games back after his recovery, he went on to score the goal that gave the team its victory. He said that making a difference in that game is one of the things he remembers fondly.

The Manchester City fan, who is currently playing for FA Euro in Brooklyn, New York, said that one of the things that soccer has taught him is the importance of teamwork, especially playing with so many different people and personalities. He also said that determination, discipline, and the impulse to get things done have come with his 20 years of playing.

Also an EDM lover, his goals for the near future include making progress and moving into League 1 or USL Championship here in America, becoming a professional soccer player.

"Enjoy the game, take any opportunities that you get," he said when asked for advice. "If you wanna make it to pro, you have to sacrifice some things but it'll be worth it."

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