• Salome Caballero

Spotlight Saturdays: Jonathan Barnes

Florida native, Jonathan Barnes, has been a winger/ left-back/center-midfielder at Inter Orlando Academy for a full year now. However, his love for the game started at a very young age.

Coming from a family in which at least three generations have played soccer, it's no surprise that he developed a passion for soccer since he was four years old. A passion that taught him discipline and has shaped him into playing a vital role when trying to conquer the three points that come with winning a match.

Our number 11 said that getting a little better every day and the possibility of bringing triumph to his team are two of the things that keep him motivated and working hard.

"I want to better the team and better myself as a player," Barnes said about his short term goals. "I want to reach my goals of taking my soccer to the next level."

He said that his happiest memory with Inter Orlando has been the road to playoffs and being able to get into them. He said that he remembers how the team really played together as a collective.

As for his long-term goals, Barnes wants to start a business related to sports and soccer and eventually become a professional player.

Fan of Brazilian winger Robinho and Juventus F.C., he said that when he's not busy playing or training he still likes to work out and spend time with his friends and family.

Barnes emphasized that loving the game is not only his favorite thing about it but also the best advice he can give anyone.

"Do it for the love of the game first," Barnes said. "Everything comes after that."

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