• Salome Caballero

Meet Stefan Ross

Our Goalkeeper Coach, Stefan Ross, was born in Sarasota, Florida but he says that his soccer background comes from his Swiss father.

He started at Inter Orlando at the beginning of last season and has been a personal trainer for five years. He said that his goal with non-athletes is to help them achieve their fitness objectives and become more productive.

With athletes, he focuses on helping them reach their peak performance and injury prevention. "Being the goalkeeper coach I enjoy getting them ready for the games but I think it's the team atmosphere and the level of play as well," Ross said.

He also explained that as a goalkeeper trainer, he applies a different style of training in which there is more body conditioning in addition to foot skills. He said that it requires balance and quick agility speed movement.

In light of the pandemic, he also has adapted to the virtual training modality, which he thinks will only become bigger even after things get back to normal. He said that it has been a very interesting and different experience, but certainly also a fun one.

"I just encourage everyone to stay as healthy as possible," he said. "Be active for yourself and do what you love to do active wise."

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