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Meet Barbara Diana

Barbara Diana, our strength and nutrition coach since Feb. 2019, was born and raised in Orlando, Florida and she has been interested in fitness since she was very young.

She started as a gymnast when she was six years old, and after that, she started practicing long-distance running and lifting weights.

After working on the medical field for 26 years, she decided to become a personal trainer two years ago because of her passion for helping people get healthy.

"I wanted to be on the other side of it," she said. "I wanted to get people interested in their health so they don't have to end up in the doctor's office or taking pills."

She said that her favorite thing about being a personal trainer is the human interaction. She said that she loves getting to learn her clients' stories and helping them overcome their personal challenges and trials.

She is also one of the masterminds behind our Workout Wednesdays program.

"We were having a meeting a few weeks back and we were brainstorming and talking about videos that we may be able to put up for the soccer players to access," Diana said. "And I had this moment where I was like 'what if we had like a hit training session called 'Work It Wednesday or Workout Wednesday?'' and it stuck."

She said that she loves having the program online because it reaches a whole new audience, especially with people who may prefer to stay at home. She said that getting to help them stay healthy through this platform is something that she really enjoys because she is now reaching a hundred people instead of one and helping them make a difference in their lives.

She advises those starting on their fitness journey to "start slow and be perfectly imperfect. Understand that you're gonna have some slip-ups with your nutrition. You're gonna have days where you don't even want to [train] but don't make that a failure, make it a success and start the next day."

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