Competitive Youth Academy

Inter Orlando Football Club provides the opportunity for boys and girls to play competitive soccer players to the best of their ability.


The Inter Orlando FC approach to competitive soccer is to focus on the four pillars of player development, Technical/Tactical, Physical, Psychological and Social. Our players are taught a specific curriculum that incorporates the key elements into every session. Our coaching staff will be educating our players to play ‘the Inter way’ which will be possession-oriented attacking soccer.


Players will follow our proven curriculum renowned for developing excellence. As players progress through our curriculum, they will constantly be evaluated by our coaching staff and set new challenges and goals to work toward. If a player is excelling and playing at a level superior to others in his team, Inter Orlando FC coaches will collectively decide whether it is best to move that player into a new situation to improve their development.


One of our goals as a club is to develop players to end up playing for either one of our senior teams, ODP state teams, regional teams, national teams, college teams and other professional teams. For our club, we want to push our players to “the next level”. This “next level” may be different for every player.


The Coaching staff at Inter Orlando FC is responsible for the complete cycle of player development: Technical/Tactical, Physical, Psychological and Social. The Head Coach of a team is also supported by a Director of Coaching who is familiar with every team in their specified age group area, ensuring every player’s development is being planned and evaluated by at least two professional coaches in unification with ‘The Inter Way’. Inter Orlando Football Club does not believe in the ideology that one coach is responsible for his/her team only. Our coaching staff collectively will work together to ensure that we as a club are focusing on player development. All of Inter Orlando FC coaches will assist other teams across various age groups to reinforce our ideology of ‘one team, one club’.

The Competitive Academy Program is open to dedicated U9 to U19 boys and girls. The program is made up of the following:

  • Multiple teams in each age group that compete in multiple league levels

  • Time Commitment: Fall season (August-December) and Spring season (January-June)

  • Team Training 2-3 times per week plus additional opportunities

  • All teams coached by professionally licensed coaches

  • Tryouts are held each May, however, players can join a competitive team any time after teams are established by completing two sessions with a team that are both evaluated by the Academy Director

  •  Scholarships are available to families that qualify.

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