College Program

The Inter Orlando Academy College Program has been designed to help High school-aged athletes prepare for the Collegiate Athletics. The program has been designed to aid student-athletes with Recruitment, Academic requirements, Athletic Highlight/Recruitment Videos, and Personal Development plans to aid the student-athlete in their search for Academic/Athletic Scholarships.

Over the years, we have built up a very extensive network of college coaches, scouts and players. Through this network, our College Program coordinators will work with each student-athlete individually to navigate the pathway to success.


Step 1


All Athletes will be asked to attend one of our trial days, to allow our staff to assess their playing ability.

Student-Athletes will participate in a number of exercises, small and full sided matches for evaluation purposes

Step 2


Each Student-Athlete and their parents will be invited to attend a follow-up meeting to discuss the initial Athletic Assessment.

If the Student - Athlete has been identified at the Athletic Assessment by our staff, they will be offered a place to join our College Program.

Step 3


Once a Student-Athlete is accepted into our College Program, our staff will work with each Student-Athlete and their families.

Our staff will cover all aspects of the College recruitment process such as Contacting Coaches, SAT/ACT Testing, Academic Eligibility, Financial Aid Applications and more

Step 4


Having gone through the first 3 steps of our program successfully, our staff is confident that all our Student-Athletes will receive offers from Collegiate programs around the country. 

Once the Student-Athlete selects which program they want to attend, our job is complete!

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