How we help you achieve your goals

Assessments and Construction of Personal Development Plans


Inter Orlando Pro Academy Staff assess every player to identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to set up a Personal development plan specific to each player.

Players will receive Professional Coaching that resembles the level and structure that they would receive when they sign for a Professional team. 

All training is structured to cover the technical, tactical, physical and social aspects of the game and heavily focuses on player development

Strength & Conditioning Training


Each Academy player will work with our Strength & Conditioning trainers in a 1 on 1 setting in order to maximize their own development.

Players will have a specific Strength & Conditioning plan designed for them to help achieve their specific goals as fast as possible, whilst remaining injury-free

All training is recorded and tracked over the course of the program to ensure that athletes are not plateauing or regressing. New challenges are set every month to ensure athletes stay focused and on task

Nutrition Plans & Education


To achieve optimum energy levels and maximize performance, each athlete will have a regulated Nutritional plan that will be set for them in conjunction with their Personal Development plan to maximize the chances of achieving the athletes set goals.

All Academy players will go through a series of testing including, Body Mass Index measurements, VO2 Max testing, in order to develop a plan that will be suitable for that specific player.

Players will be required to keep a daily, weekly, and monthly log of their food intake and weight measurements to ensure the goals and objectives are being met.

United Premier Soccer League


The Inter Orlando Pro Academy competes in the UPSL Southeastern Central Florida Conference. 

All Academy players will get the opportunity to play in match scenarios in a competitive environment in order to focus on their development and remain match fit.

All games are video recorded for analysis and also made available for each Academy player to create their own video highlights for up to date highlight reels that can be sent out to Scouts, Coaches, and other Club representatives around the world.

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