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About IOFC Youth Academy


Inter Orlando Football Club believes in a multi step process to help children develop their skills throughout the game in an environment that is best suited for them as individuals. We understand that children all grow and develop at different stages in their lives, therefore we have created a unique pathway for our players, as well as specific training curriculums for each stage to maximize the development of all.


The three different levels of our Youth Club are:


Recreational Community Program

Competitive Academy Program

U-23 Developmental Squad


Recreational Community Program



Our community program sessions are made up of a combination of in-school sessions, Wednesday evening, and Saturday morning games. Players have an opportunity to develop their skills in the recreation program and after evaluation from our coaches, these players will be able to move to the competitive program to further their development if coaches feel this is the best way forward. 


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Competitive Academy Program


The Inter Orlando FC approach to competitive soccer is to focus on the four pillars of player development, Technical/Tactical, Physical, Psychological and Social. Our players are taught a specific curriculum that incorporates the key elements into every session. Our coaching staff will be educating our players to play ‘the Inter way’ which will be possession-oriented attacking soccer.


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U-23 Developmental Program


Inter Orlando FC U-23 Developmental Program is a program for players between the ages of 18-23 years of age that is specifically designed to develop players for the professional game. This program is a 'Select' program and only works with a squad of 20 players each season.


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